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There's a few things I have to tell you so this is going to be price structure with a sprinkling of how I work. It's hard to separate the chicken from the gumbo. In short: I give you the control.

You will be allowed to view, through the eyes of an accomplished artist, the many beautiful moments of your wedding  day.  I don't work by altering the flow of what happens to create posed shots of you and your guests. If there are some poses you would like, we can arrange to make them happen, however, I have found I can capture more beautiful images if you interact with your loved ones and pretend I'm not there.  You'll have more enjoyment at your wedding while I work without the intrusion of flash and without directing you, or your guests in any way.  In the end you get natural-looking images which allow you to re-experience the atmosphere and feeling of time shared with your loved ones while the photographer watched -- not the other way around.

How a photographer charges for services is just as important as what a photographer charges for services. My desire to not control your wedding day is reflected in the way I charge for my services too.  I see no sense in forcing you into a package.  You can wait until you see the proofs before you decide  on anything else. 

To guarantee these images can become family heirlooms, undiminished by time, I photograph digitally with professional equipment which creates images impossible to capture with film.  The images have greater clarity and resolution than even the bulky medium format film cameras can produce.  There is nothing to get damaged or lost on the way to the lab.  No scanning processes (like with film) to degrade the images, and no unnecessary delays in getting you the finished products.  I carefully archive the digital negatives so they can never be lost.

I don’t hold the negatives hostage while forcing you to spend more money with me.   You just got married, and I think one long-term commitment is enough.  I deliver to you the high-resolution un-retouched digital images at no additional charge.  This way, you may continue to take advantage of my services or someone else’s.

If you choose, I will work with you to make an album, a slide show with music, and or individual prints and cards, for whatever uses you choose.  And whenever you choose to do it.

It is also my intention that you don’t become the distribution point for the photos (unless that’s what you want to do).  I can load the images to a site which allows your guests to view and print them with the click of a mouse.  And the cost is a fraction of what you might spend elsewhere.  If we build an album, I will charge you per page, and not mark up the finished product.  I’m an artist.  I want to be paid for my vision, not for charging you more than what I paid for a leather binding.


My  price structure for wedding services:

To take photographs at your wedding I charge an hourly fee with a minimum of 3 hours.  You own the images.

For the slide show I charge per slide.  For duplication of the slide show I charge only for the media  (CD or DVD) and the royalty cost of the music.

I charge per page for album layout.  To bind the album and make as many copies as you like, I charge what the manufacturer charges me.

For individual prints and/or cards, I charge what the manufacturer charges me.

For any editing (retouching, color correction, etc) I do as an intermediate step to produce the album, or slide show, I do not charge.   And those images are also yours to keep.  For any editing beyond that I charge by the hour.


If there is something I haven’t listed, and you want me to do it, please ask me.  If I can’t do it, I’ll help you find somebody who can. 


For a list of my current prices, go to my contact page and email me. You can get to my contact page by pressing [Contact] at the top left of this screen.