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Image Viewer 1.0
Single-Event License for Image Viewer $4.95
Professional License for Image Viewer $249.95

Single-Event Licenses for Image Viewer are currently on sale at an introductory price of $4.95. Here's the suggested steps for obtaining a license.

1) Download Image Viewer from the download page.

2) Request a license using Image Viewer.

3) Pay for the license by pressing the "add to cart" button below.

4) Receive your license in less than 48 hours (this will become almost instantaneous as soon as the kinks are ironed out. Thanks for your patience).

5) Install your license.

Here's detailed instructions for your first time through

1) Download Image Viewer from the download page.

2) Request a license

a) Launch Image Viewer

b) On the Mac

Pull down the menu labeled "Image Viewer" and select "Licenses"

On Windows

Pull down the menu labeled "Tools" and select "Licenses"

On Linux

Wing it !

c) Press the button labeled "Request License..." and the License Request History screen will appear

d) Press the button labeled "New" to create a new request and the Request License screen will appear

e) Fill in the blanks with information appropriate to the event for which you are requesting the license. Be sure to enter the information correctly. I'm going to use the email address you enter to email you the license, so it's got to be correct. If you request multiple licenses with different email addresses in them, I will email them all to the address on the first license, unless you put something in the Additional Instruction box instructing me to do otherwise.

You might press the view INTRO key and when the intro comes up, test the email you entered to see if it works. You may save it and edit it as much as you like, but once you send it you won't be able to edit it. The intro display and the license key will be generated from this information. You might have noticed, this information will be displayed on the intro screen of the image viewer where you install the license.

f) Press Save and this request will be added to the License Request History.

You may repeat steps d thru f for as many licenses as you wish to request.

f) The send button will activate when you check one or more boxes on the License Request History screen. Check one for each license you want to request.

g) Press the send button and your License Request will be transmitted.

Single-Event License for Image Viewer $4.95

After successful transmission of your request:

3) Pay for your license(s) by pressing the appropriate"add to cart" button below. You can use the button to pay by credit card or by PayPal. If you order a Single-Event License or a Professional License, be sure to pay with the appropriate button and check your cart carefully to be sure the item description (and quantity) match the request you sent.

For example, if you submit License Requests via the Image Viewer program for 5 different Single-Event Licenses, be sure you are using the payment button on this page for Single-Event License and that the quantity in your shopping cart is 5. Don't worry about this too much. If you make a mistake, I will help you sort it out and I will return any overpayment in full.

4) When your request is matched with your payment (via your email address and/or name), I will email you the license(s).

Note: there was a place in the License Request screen where you could fill in the email address. This is what I will try to match with the email on your payment. If you want to change it on the intro screen once you have installed the license, you can.

This process is brand new and being shaken out and siimplified. Please contact me if there is anything I can do to make it simpler and easier to do and to understand.

Professional License for Image Viewer $249.95